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150 Year Post Reunion.
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2018 - Greenwich Reunion - Thursday 7th to Saturday 9th June

The Last Hurrah ?

It seems hardly possible but 2018 will mark a half century since the closure of our college. At that time our youngest member will be sixty seven years old and the Council of the Association have decided that we should commemorate and celebrate the occasion with a last major event centred round ‘The Prime Meridian’ in London. The 2018 sub-committee which has been formed to organise and plan the event has come up with an outline programme which will allow members to meet up and socialise at leisure whilst being at the geographical heart of Britain’s nautical heritage.

Update June 2018.

We are now in the post event stage and by most accounts the reunion was deemed to be a success. We, the reunion committee hope all enjoyed themselves meeting up with old acquaintances from the Worcester and reminiscing about our past lives.
Personally, I enjoyed it very much and one of the most touching moments was leaving the Pride of London after the river cruise and the Cadets who were there to welcome us and play music before Last Post, all formed a ‘Guard of Honour’ as we came off the boat. Very touching and unexpected.
Last post was also very evocative as the Blue Worcester Ensign last flew on the Cutty Sark in 1952 I think and the three days that it flew on the Cutty Sark during our Reunion was more than likely the last time the Cutty Sark will ever fly a blue Ensign again. Quite a moment in history I feel.

Colin OW 62-65

Speeches at the Middle Temple Hall and elsewhere.

The sound quality at the Hall was not the best, so if anyone had no idea what they were saying, then here are the speeches in full. I missed the Bob one as changing batteries.

I also include a link to Clive Bradbury’s lecture about Cadet Bowers and his involvement in the Scott exhibition which we did some years ago. If you are interested in the subject, it is also worth a read

Clive’s Lecture

Lord Mountevans

Lord Mountevans to be our Guest of Honour

2018 Dinner at Middle Temple Hall

I would like to confirm that our Chairman, Mike Wheeler, has received confirmation from the Lord Mountevans, Jeffrey Evans, that he and his wife Juliet would be pleased to accept our invitation to attend our dinner at the Middle Temple Hall on Friday 8th June 2018.

This news is included in the Greenwich 2018 Reunion Pre-event brochure.

For details of Lord Mountevans career click on websites HERE and HERE

Apart from attending our sister college, Pangbourne Nautical College, he has had a long association with shipping and supports of a number of maritime charities including being a Trustee of Seafarers UK, President of the City of London Sea Cadets and on the Council of the White Ensign Association. Lord Mountevans, who was Lord Mayor of London in 2015-16, is the grandson of Edward Evans (OW 1894-96).

Edward Evans, as Lieutenant E.R.G.R (Teddy) Evans RN, was Capt. Scott's second in command on the fateful Terra Nova Expedition and on his death took command.  He had a distinguished war career and in 1928 he was appointed Rear-Admiral Commanding the Royal Australian Squadron and later Commander in Chief, The Nore. He was Worcester's most decorated naval officer and on retirement as a full Admiral after WW2 was ennobled and became the 1st Baron Mountevans.

Clive Bradbury    

Robert Lineker Chairman AOW


Reverend Moody