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HMS Worcester

1862 - 1968

Old Worcesters’ Unofficial Site 
Colin 62-65 Web Admin
Portsmouth - 150 year, Post Reunion.
Greenwich - The Last Hurrah, Post Reunion.
Welcome EVENTS



Welcome EVENTS



I am sorry to inform OWs’ that this site is no longer the Official AOW site due to a disagreement between council and myself.

This is still very much the same site as it was. I will continue to self fund and run this site for 1 year from the 4th Dec 2020 or until the AOW completes it’s own new official site, maybe longer.

I am happy to do this as a service to all my fellow Ows.’

I have removed the contacts (to forestall complains from AOW council) page but if any OW would like a AOW contact detail, please e-mail me from the e-mail link above and I will supply it to you.

I am happy to report the good news that this site will be supported for this coming host renewal in December and hopefully in the future as well.

This has been made possible by wonderful anonymous Old Worcester donors.

My thanks to them !

Worcester I 
Worcester II 
Worcester III 

Not much left for sale in Bob’s shop !!
Get it while you can.

Bob has done a great service to OWs over the years. Well done Bob.

God Bless Queen Elizabeth II. RIP

Her Royal Presence is missed by many in these present times.