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Cadet Frank L. Moth was on the Worcester II from 2nd May 1886 to 31st July 1887. He then went on to sail on the Taranaki square rigger. His son Tim Moth has kindly send in a PDF of his voyages and I have made another PDF of a letter Cadet Moth sent to his parents in March 1887. A lovely letter complete with sketching's.

The Taranaki at Dunedin NZ in 1891

F.L. Moth OW record of voyages on the Taranaki

Cadet F.L. Moth’s letter to his parents 1887

These 4 photos were kindly sent in by a Mr Ken Mugridge who says :- I was clearing out some old papers and came across these  photos & reference of my grandfather W H Mugridge who served as seaman instructor on HMS Worcester 1895-1903. I never knew him, as he died in 1927. The child "Albert" would be my uncle who was killed in Palestine 1917. I live in Canada but I also served in the MN  as a radio officer 1960-1970

Ken Mugridge, Salt Spring Island BC Canada

I have also been contacted by an Anne Lee who tells me that she has an ancestor who was on board Worcester II as a cadet and was instructed by Mr Mugridge in the photos above. Anne’s relative wrote a book called “Ship Ahoy” which has a chapter about his life on board Worcester II and on to his career at sea on square riggers. It’s an interesting read, warts and all ! It is no longer copyright and can be downloaded from the icon on the right.

Anne says this - “I would like to congratulate you on a fantastic website.  One of my ancestors I believe was on the HMS Worcester II in about 1901-1903.  His name was Charles Melbourne Jackson.  He wrote a book based on his experiences at sea, including his time on the Worcester.  It is called "Ship Ahoy!" and was published in 1922.  He used the pseudonym Melbourne Garahan.  I thought you might be interested. He wrote another book two years later, called "Stiffs" but I have not seen it, and I don't know whether it has any references to the Worcester. “

Details - Charles Melbourne Jackson - 901-03 Born:  March 9th. 1887 : St. Kilda Melbourne Australia - Father : Charles Jackson – Architect Surveyor : Joined : Easter 1901 Left : Lent 1903 Joined : G. Petice & Co. Vessel : s.v. Cortsey : Left with 2x First Class Certificates.