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Portsmouth - 150 year, Post Reunion.
Greenwich - The Last Hurrah, Post Reunion.
Through the Years - Worcester III - 60s

The 60s saw the demise of HMS Worcester III and the eventual disposal of the ship. The British side of the Merchant Navy was contracting and there was less and less demand for officers. Even so, I saw some of the best times in the Merchant Navy starting in the 70s and eventually leaving after spending some years in the North Sea.

The Worcester 60s are well represented on my own site and on these pages will appear a selection of the pictures on my own site. There seems little point in just repeating my own pictures and pictures sent in by OWs from my own era. However, there are lots of extra stuff, other than pictures from the 60s and later, that are worth a look  on my site. HERE

I shall duplicate in full pictures from OWs at the start of 1960 below

Worcester III 1961 Ian Turner

Sports Day - Indian Clubs

Ship’s Company 1960

Royal Yacht Britannia pictures are 1960.

Corrections thanks to David Glennie.

Peter Woodhead

9 Pictures taken 1960 by Russel Copsey OW. Worthy of note is smoking on the Main Top.

Two pictures of Worcester III taken from and of Reeds Paper Mills

Grub 60-62. L - R ? Dennis Royle,

Michael Pope, ?

E-Mails From  IOW Group on food and Galley.

I have Ben Baker, son of Paul Baker OW 59-62, to thank for the following pictures. Firstly for taking an interest and secondly for sending me his Dad’s pictures.

Rowlandson and Yipp send messages 1960

Grub 60 - 62

50s ~ 5 60s ~ 2



50s ~ 5 60s ~ 2



Update! Ben has now sent me more splendid pictures.

Queen Elizabeth II visits HMS Worcester for the Centenary Celebrations