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HMS Worcester

1862 - 1968

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Portsmouth - 150 year, Post Reunion.
Greenwich - The Last Hurrah, Post Reunion.
Through the Years - Worcester II
Worcester II Armistice day 1931 From David Menzies OW 59
Worcester II Upper Deck Sunday From David Menzies OW 59
Worcester II Lower Deck From David Menzies OW 59
Worcester II Poss off Erith
Worcester II Lowering Sea Boat
Bridgework on Worcester II
Worcester II by Charles W. Wyllie

Aircraft lessons Nov 1936

Drawing from the Dog Watch

1938 Ships Co courtesy of OW Robert Walker 1939

Worcester II Cutty Sark Dominiom Monarch

Worcester Katrine and Cutty Sark 1939 Prize Day

Worcester II - Cutty Sark - Alaunia II - By kind permission of Artist Stephen J. Card

Worcester II - in war colours, as Patrol Boat Base in 1945. She must have left soon after this. Note Cutty Sark behind her who was lucky to survive the war

Three Pictures of Worcester II, Dressed for War, leaving for Moorings at Grays to be replaced by TS Exmouth - Worcester III in 1945.

Taken by Cadet Colin Smith from the Cutty Sark. (Colin left Worcester III 1947)

Worcester II by Harold Willie 1880 - 1975

Please note. This is available as a print from the AOW Slop Chest (shop) at Here

Cadets Rowing Cutter

Unknown Artist. Zip file of 6 drawings called Regatta

Worcester II at Grays in 1948 sunk at her moorings.


Page 3 Worcester III



Page 3 Worcester III



Worcester v Conway Boat Races. Won by Worcester