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1862 - 1968

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Portsmouth - 150 year, Post Reunion.
Greenwich - The Last Hurrah, Post Reunion.

Bernie Edwards is trying to locate his old Friend Michael Cheyne who was on the Worcester 59-61. Graham, our Historian says this.

Good afternoon Bernie,

Michael J.R. CHEYNE was a cadet on the Worcester between 1959/1961. However we lost track of him in 1998.  He is possibly living in Canada.

I am afraid that is all the information that we hold on him at present.


Graham K.C. SMITH


If you know of the whereabouts of Michael please get in contact with me (Colin)

Update 8th Jan 2013. Bernie has recently heard from an OW about his friend and although the OW knew Michael well a few years ago, he is not sure as to Michael’s whereabouts or indeed if he is alive or not.

So, if anyone has any further info please get in contact.

Lost & Found OWs, Identity Required etc.

If you would like to put a notice up on this page, please e-mail me with the details and pictures if you have them. I will be happy to put the info on the site for you.

Request for info on HMS Sea Scout.

HMS Worcester was visited by HMS Sea Scout in 1959 and if you have any recollection of the visit and would like to contribute to the info on a personal basis please e-mail me. For instance, I believe that some cadets went off in her for a couple of days. Were you one of them ? What did you do ? What was it like ? Could you write something for the Site and the PDF that goes along with the pictures.

Visit HERE to refresh your memory

Loriol Williamson was looking for the identity of these Cadets in the two pictures to the left.
The occasion was almost certainly the Gravesend Carnival and the photos belong to Keith Peggram 49-51
Loriol says that the Dog Watch 49 or 50 would more than likely confirm the identity of the Cadets.
You may be one of the cadets, so please e-mail me (Colin) if you can help with identity and your story on the day.
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Special Request - Portsmouth.  These ladies and one man, who is too young to be an OW, were taking pictures of the “lads” doing the “Worcester Song”. Hopefully one of them was videoing it. I think the young man is. If you know any of these people please get in contact so I can get the video for the Reunion site.

2011 Past Events AOW & HISTORY





2011 Past Events AOW & HISTORY