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HMS Worcester

1862 - 1968

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Colin 62-65 Web Admin
Portsmouth - 150 year, Post Reunion.
Greenwich - The Last Hurrah, Post Reunion.
Relative's Contributions ~ 4 GUESTBOOK



Relative's Contributions ~ 4 GUESTBOOK



Michael Faulkner 65 -69

Merchant Navy College

British Merchant Navy Forum

British Merchant Navy net. Some photos

Nick Messenger Old Worcester

Cutty Sark . org

Some stuff about Cutty Sark fire etc

Some Cutty Sark clippings from Australia

HMS Conway Training Ship

Wikipedia with links to most Training Ships

Larry Croxford Steward -Cutty Boyhood Dream

Red Duster - Cutty Sark stuff Malcolm Pichaver OW 56

Port Cities Training Ships on the Thames

The Arethusa (ex Peking)

The Peking ex  Arethusa

Part 1

Amateur Video by a chap called Phil Young of the Cutty Sark before the Fire

Heartfelt commentary from a guy in Dumbarton, where the Cutty Sark was built

Amateur Video of Cutty Sark before the Fire

Part 2

Tribute to Cutty Sark. Probably not the Sark no doubt by Alan Villiers

Lovely Song to go with it

Amateur Video of the Cutty Sark June 2004

Part 3

The large 4 masted Steel Barques in the later days of sail were absolutely fascinating. HMS Worcester II had a few around during their wonderful times. The likes of Viking, Archibald Russell, Mozart, Pamir, Passat, Ponape.  Magdalen Vinnen etc etc which all gave the “new fangled” steamers a run for their money. “Carbon Footprint” ? Zero.