The Thames Nautical Training College

HMS Worcester

1862 - 1968

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Portsmouth - 150 year, Post Reunion.
Greenwich - The Last Hurrah, Post Reunion.
Through the Years - Worcester III - 50s

Coal Barge Coming Alongside

Coaling Team.

Cadets Coaling Ship

Everards Ship that went aground during a Gale.

Watto’s Worcester Pictures

'Scrubbing The Upper Deck' By Cadet P.M. FIELD 49-51

Sports Day Tug o War 1952

Synchronised Pole. Real Poles! 1954. What would the Safety Elf say !!

Sportsday 54

Whaler Race

Winning Houlders  Oars Crew 1955

Main Port racing gig 1953

Man Sculling in a dingy. Great fun sculling. Francis Frith. 1950s

Scrubbing Decks 1951 or 57

Sunday Divisions 1956

Toss Oars at the causeway. Frith Collection 1950s

New Fangled Electric Scrubbing machine. They will never catch on

Focstle Div Scrubbling Decks

Foscle Div Scrub decks 1955 SCC Tony Smithers

Prize Day 1954

Boxing Match

Crompton Jones Hank Smith

Staff 1957 with Frosty Dicey Muh Tickle Bags Jew and John Bakewell

Billy Jarmin & Tony Child Worcester III 1957

Skiffle Group about 1957

Cartoon/Sketch Unknown Artist Artist

Pipers Gang

Early library no Seafarers Education bookshelf stbd ships side

Worcester III at Greenhithe

P&O Viceroy of India - Worcester III - by J Spurling

Fore Stbd Silvers Cabin on left

Present Arms

Upper deck class for  Splicing front and Knots to the rear

Abandon Ship Section Day

Main Deck looking aft to  Half deck from the Tuck Shop - late 1950's

Main Deck from Half Deck Entrance.

One of 9 Classrooms

50s ~ 1 50c ~ 3



50s ~ 1 50c ~ 3