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Portsmouth - 150 year, Post Reunion.
Greenwich - The Last Hurrah, Post Reunion.
OW's CHEST OWs Contributions ~ 2



OW's CHEST OWs Contributions ~ 2



OW’s Stories and Contributions

If any OW has a site or collection of Photos, or stories and such like, that he would like to share with other OWs - then please contact me with the details and provide a link. Colin 62-65

Geoffrey J. Dunster

OW 51-53

In 1969, Geoffrey flew from Gatwick to Australia to participate in the 50th Anniversary of the first flight from the UK to Australian by Australian brothers Ross and Keith Smith in a Vickers Vimy December 1919.

Michael bought this collection of films along to the Portsmouth Reunion and I have finally go around to editing and posting here. Sorry about the delay and thank you Michael.

Large - 160 MB

Smaller - 60 MB

Colin Steer and Trevor Pollitt met up with Patrick Toomey in July 2014 and he gave these pictures for the web site.

This is an interesting story supplied by Geoffrey Dunster OW 1951-53 and relays his memories of his first ship (Pinjarra) after leaving the Worcester in 1953. It will bring back many similar memories for all who went to sea from the Worcester.

A PS from Geoffrey. I got to know the late Malcolm Borland (who left Worcester the term before I joined) in later years and I discovered that not only did I take over his old hammock on board Worcester - No 189 - but two years later I took over his former bunk on the Pinjarra which - again - he had just left. Bit of a coincidence ?

I later moved sideways from a life at sea into the equally crackpot world of aviation where I worked for nearly forty years...on my last day at work my very last flight was into London (City) Airport - so my working life ended within yards of where it had started - alongside King George V dock!

Trevor Pollitt OW 1963 - 1966 Cutty Sark Anecdote Booklet

Geoffrey Dunster (OW 51-53) has supplied an interesting story on his visit to the Fleet Review in 1953. I am sure some OWs remember that week and may even have been there with Geoffrey. He has also added a short story about Uniforms. There is another article in the Jan 2014 Dog Watch by Colin Steere on the Fleet Review and is available from the AOW site Forum. Please see Extra 53 PDFs on left as well.

Extra PDFs not Geoffrey’s

Tony Maskell OW 49-51 has sent in his “readings” about Evans of the Broke who was one of our more famous OWs
I have put together a PDF of the material and added some pictures etc. An interesting read
Tony Maskell OW 49-51 did these 4 articles that he has had for some time.
Interesting reading

World War 1

World War 2

Wandering OWs

Boer War

Graham Elliot OW 1961

These two PDFs from Graham make for good reading.

The first (top) is his story - Worcester - going to sea and on to owning and running a farm in Australia.

The second is Graham’s expansion on the first Worcester Captain’s (Capt Trivett’s) passionate speech for his cadets, comparing life to an ocean voyage.

This is a PDF of Liberty Ships Anecdotes from OWs.

Mike Bartlett OW 55-57 wrote the original 7 anecdotes.

Trevor finished compiling this booklet in May 2015. He paid for the publication himself and contacted the 45 Old Worcesters that had anecdotes to offer for the booklet. It is a very interesting part of the history of the Worcester and I am pleased to present it here for download with the agreement of his relatives. Trevor died in May 2016 and there are a few copies of the booklet that are still available to buy. Although I offer this for free download, I hope that people who like it, may want to own a copy as it is unique. If anyone would like a copy of the booklet please contact me and I will see what I can do. A contribution to the RNLI would be appreciated. I feel sure Trevor would be happy with that, if he could express a wish about the matter.

If you wish to obtain a copy, please contact by clicking the E - Mail symbol on the right. You will receive an e-mail back.

Mail:'s Cutty Sark Booklet

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Tony Maskell OW 49-51 has put down his sea going career. It is split into 50s, 60s and 70s.
I have put together PDFs of the material and added some pictures etc.