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HMS Worcester

1862 - 1968

Old Worcesters’ Unofficial Site 
Colin 62-65 Web Admin
Portsmouth - 150 year, Post Reunion.
Greenwich - The Last Hurrah, Post Reunion.

Nick Messenger OW 1958 - 61

Colin Thurlow OW 1962-65

FUND OWs Contributions



FUND OWs Contributions



Mail: Worcesters' Group&body=So that I know you are an OW could you please tell me what was the location of the HMS Worcester ship's bell ?
If you can answer that very easy question (for an OW) then I can sign you up.

Old-Worcesters’ Internet Group / Google Group

Old_Worcesters’_Forum / Google Group.

Old Worcester’s Own Sites - Stories etc on next page

If any OW has a site or collection of Photos, or stories and such like, that he would like to share with other OWs - then please contact me with the details and provide a link. Colin 62-65

My Site

Michael Faulkner

OW 65-69

Mike’s Site

Andrew Langsdale

OW 60-62

Andrew’s Site


These two Google groups are in no way connected  with the AOW. The AOW has allowed me to place these links on this page for OWs information should they want to join.

There is no connection between the AOW and the two groups. The AOW council have no jurisdiction over the two groups, neither do they wish to have. If you have any comments or complaints, please contact the Owner of the group and please do not bother a member of council with comments or complaints.