The Thames Nautical Training College

HMS Worcester

1862 - 1968

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Portsmouth - 150 year, Post Reunion.
Greenwich - The Last Hurrah, Post Reunion.
Royal Maritime Greenwich Through the Years



Royal Maritime Greenwich Through the Years



Memorabilia on show on my own site. 
Articles are in the Possession of OWs

To some extent everything on the Worcester Site is Memorabilia.

I shall try and stick to the portrayal of actual Objects.

Selection of Plans from various sources

Worcester III Brochure/Prospectus in PDF form.

Issued 1964

Group Photo by Topham Official Photographer

Early Cap Badge - By kind permission of Chris Chettle.


The Bowers Plaque now outside the Scott Polar Research Institute in Cambridge - Clive Bradbury

Good Conduct Medal awarded to Cadet James HG Lamont 1870

Medal 1875 Owner Unknown

This was the original design of the medal known in later years as the Good Conduct Medal awarded as the fourth prize. The first prize was a telescope, the second a nautical instrument, the third a book and the fourth a silver medal any number of which might be awarded up to a max of ten.

The original name of the Worcester when founded was “The Thames Maritime Officers’ Training Ship H.M.S. Worcester

Regards, Graham, AOW Honsec

Mug and Ash Tray From Mike Bartlett

Worcester Shield.

Available New from AOW Site

British India prize to Cadet Foster 1929


Exmouth Minutes 1942

Good Conduct Medal awarded to Cadet AB Seabrook.

All Cadets got these in 1962 on the Centenary

Belt & Badge

Back of Postcard with details about joining Worcester

Tony Crompton Joining Letters

Snippet from Dog Watch Christmas 1948

Snippet of History

Tony Crompton Confirmation 1954

Information and Regulations 1952 Zip File

Prospectus Tony Crompton Zip File

Inside Page Report Book

Front Page Report Book

Tony Crompton’s Prize 1956

Tony Crompton’s acceptance letter 1953

Tony Crompton’s acceptance letter No2 1953

Tony Crompton’s Leaving Certificate

Leaving Certificates classifications

David Barnes’s Leaving Certificate

Staff 1954 55 & 56

Daily Routines



Tony Crompton’s Lent 1954 Bill

Outfit list

Silvers Outfitters

SW Silvers kit list for Union Castle

John Odell's P&O indentures 1952

Ships Dance Programme 1955

Eight Bells

73rd Sportsday 1954

Plaque from Joe Spencer’s Prize Sextant

Tim Gunner’s Prize Books.

Joe Spencer Prize Sextant

Tim Gunner’s Prize Sextant

Not sure who has this or what it is used for