The Thames Nautical Training College

HMS Worcester

1862 - 1968

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Portsmouth - 150 year, Post Reunion.
Greenwich - The Last Hurrah, Post Reunion.
Through the Years - Worcester III - 60s

Commemorative Medal issued to all Cadets 1962

Her Majesty the Queen, who was the Worcester Patron, comes to visit in Celebration of the Worcester’s Centenary at prize giving Summer 1962

Royal Sovereign alongside Worcester III Dressed overall for the Queens Centenary visit 1962

Prize Giving 1962 Her Majesty The Queen and Prince Phillip

The Queen comes on board

Capt Argles welcomes Her Majesty and is piped aboard by Cadets

Cadet Talbot receives his Prize - a Sextant

Royal Review July 1962

Worcester and s.t.s Danmark July 1962

The Queen and the Duke say goodby

The Queen and the Duke leaving with my flowers

The Queen giving Prizes

Group with Alan Reid on a Ship Visit P&O Mercury

Danmark and Worcester

End of Term leaving prank. Prize Giving Day

Fencing Team 1962

Church Parade 1962

Church Parade Dec 1962

Rugby Team 1962

Church Parade

Church Parade Band

Mike Pope on poop deck with Susan Argles. Captains’s Daughter

Sunday Divisions 1962

Fall in for Church outside Swimming Baths

Ships Company Summer 63

Rugby Team 1963

Ashore by the Canon

Colin Thurlow pre joining 1962 One of many nervous Cadets in the same situation

Dingy Racing Prize Day

Cutter Racing Prize Day

Andrew Lansdale

Cutter Racing Prize Day

Andrew Lansdale

All Stop on Foreshore 1962

Parents Going Ashore Prize Day

Leaving Cadets Summer 1963

1st Termers 1962


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60s ~ 1 60s ~ 3