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HMS Worcester

1862 - 1968

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Portsmouth - 150 year, Post Reunion.
Greenwich - The Last Hurrah, Post Reunion.
Through the Years - Worcester III - 40s

Worcester III and Cutty Sark

Worcester III Cutty Sark and Sailing Barge Astern

Worcester III Cutty Sark and Greenhithe

The Messroom W III 1947

Group with Lifebouys

Group Photo Speech Day 1949


Section Day - Firing a Lifeline Rocket

The Sick Bay

Band - 1948 above 1949 below

Joe Spencer on tiller John Barry on sheets 1949

Worcester and Cutty Sark late 40s

Worcester III Arriving to take up position at Greenhithe on 15th. Jan 1946

Early Worcester III before masts were installed

Worcester II & Cutty Sark - Late 40s

Section Day 1947

Winning Port Crew, 1948

Ingress Abbey 40s

Unstepping Original Mainmast 1948

The 1st June 1948

Mast Work 1948

Stepping the Mizzenmast, 1948

Some sort of PE

Row Past 1947

HMS Token and HMS Thermopylae alongside

HMS Worcester June 1946

HMS Token  alongside

HMS Worcester June 1946

HMS Token Alongside Worcester III 1946

Extract from 1946 Dog watch Victory Celebrations

Gold Medal Day 1946 John Pether

Worcester III 50s ~ 1



Worcester III 50s ~ 1