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The photo on the left was kindly sent in by Alex Cooper who says - This is a photograph of my grandfather, Edward Colston Stewart (middle row 2nd from right) aboard HMS Worcester II in 1932. He gave the photo to his daughter, my mother Paula Cooper. Can you please upload the photo onto the website, so that other people can enjoy it. It was my mother who wrote the note, following the information given to her by her father Edward Stewart.

Alex’s mother Paula has been in contact and says -  “I'm so glad the photo can now be seen by many others. My dad gave it to me around 40 years ago never dreaming of course that one day there would be such interest in the Old Worcesters’. When War broke out, he was in the R.AFVR in Bomber Command and became squadron leader flying 58 missions and decorated with the Distinguished Flying Cross. It was a miracle that he survived. He died in 1995.”

Mr David Gill has allowed me to link to his site about his grandfather’s Worcester History and of course some of his further life. Reg Gill OW was on Worcester II in 1897.

Please click on the picture above to go to David’s site.

Ann Vine and her Son Alex have recently (2016) contacted me about Ann’s Husband Peter Douglas Vine who was on Worcester II as a Cadet. His twin brother Colin Frank Vine was also on Worcester II and they both left in 1932. Both went on to eventually become Suez Canal Pilots after both having a period with British Tankers. Colin was also a North Sea Pilot.

Peter died in 1998 and Colin in 1997

Ann’s father, George Sandercock  was also on Worcester II between 1908 and 1913.

He was a Kings Gold medallist and his entry can be seen HERE.

Ann says - My Father received his King's Gold Medal from King Edward VII, which was unusual I believe. His subsequent career was interesting. My son and I have been following it from the complete collection of his service books and the gold medal which I have, being the youngest of his family and interested in family history. Sadly I never remember him talking very much about it, but he did to my sister, I wish I could talk to him now.

After leaving the Worcester he spent 3 years as an apprentice on the SV "Grace Harwar" which went on to be one of the last of the commercial sailing vessels in the grain trade, (see the well known account by Alan Villiers, "By Way of Cape Horn,") then to P&O for several years and finally the Suez Canal Co for 30 years.

My husband Peter and his twin Colin ended the war serving on twin minesweepers in the Suez Canal, where I met and married him.

Ann sends in two pictures in her possession.

Ann says - One is of a group of Cadet Captains (1909) and the other the 1st XI Football Team, (1908). The one of the Cadet Captains has Gordon Steele in the group (left) so may be of more interest.  He was a contemporary of my Father George Sandercock. He was always amused that poor Gordon had difficulty passing exams and was still there trying when George left.

Gordon Steel on left. George Sandercock in the middle. Cadets Captains 1909

Football team 1908

Football team 1908